Exciting Times

After months of hard work, the first production run of our watches went smoothly and all the watches promised to our Kickstarter backers have been shipped as scheduled by first week of September. According to a few experienced backers' comments, it is apparently not common for Kickstarter projects to deliver on time so we are happy to be the few to do so.

Some of our backers have started to receive their watches and their initial reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. You can read their comments at goo.gl/FJ33xX. A few backers have even reordered more iKi watches to give to their loved ones. This has been a huge encouragement to the iKi Studio team.

We are keeping ourselves busy with the design and prototyping of our next products. More information will be released when things are firmed up.

Thank you.

Garrick L


iKi Studio

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